This week we've been given the brief produce a “bad taste” lookbook for a brand of our choice. To understand the concept of "Vulgar" / "Bad Taste" the week started of with a couple relevant exhibitions on the theme. The nature of the brief, however, was extremely open and we could experiment, choose our own medium to work in, or engage with a selection of formats.

The Vulgar

Fashion Redefined @ The Barbican

Our venture into the Vulgar started at the Barbican, where they exhibited a timeline of "Vulgar" fashion designs / campaigns right from the early centuries till now.

‘Vulgarity exposes the scandal of good taste’ Adam Phillips

Although I thought the layout of the exhibition could of been more engaging / interactive, the content was extremely informative and gave good references - although I do wish there was more focus on contemporary vulgarity than historical. I suppose I was expecting to walk in seeing some bizarre innovative pieces, when in fact a lot of the things that were ground breaking back in the day - like a lace ruff collar - really itsnt too controversial now, although I can appreciate the journey social norms have taken.

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