This week's brief was all about understanding and experimenting with imagery, using the images we took last week for our BUFFALO STYLE EDITORIAL SHOOTS. This began with a thorough lecture on the importance and context of styling which I thoroughly enjoyed as it showed me a range of different stylists I'd love to look more into/ reference for future projects.

We also recapped on the Buffalo brief last week and elements of it that went well and didn't go so well, which got me ready start working on using the images to create editorial style spreads. .To really help our understanding of the different styles of layout we had to present our final layouts in three different styles, showing different image selections, post-production techniques and typography / copy.

my layouts

In learning how to create different edits and layouts suitable for different markets / audiences, it helps one to recognise in detail the very small conventions in how you present something that can make it be perceived/appeal in a different way. Playing around with post-production techniques is where I do the most development in my own personal style, however, I must admit I was more excited about playing around and manipulating images to create a strong theme of satire throughout all of the spreads, rather than re-creating work in the style of a DAZED/I-D/WONDERLAND magazine like we were asked in the brief. This was mostly down to the fact that when undertaking the previous project of creating the buffalo imagery I had already in my head has an idea for a really low res copy/paste style zine layout, and would of possibly gone out of my way to get more studio background shots / location shots to use for a DAZED/ID style layout if i had known this would be the task for this week. All my favourite shots were really difficult to not have a DIY zine feel, although I do know I still could of done it, and I'm sure there will be other opportunities were I can show my capability of creating high-quality professional looking layouts too.

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