Week 3: Radical Design (Graphic Design Pathway)


I really have been banging on about that "You Say You Want To Start a Revolution" exhibition, but it did seem to tie in with every project I've done so far. This weeks brief under the Graphic Design pathway is to create a demonstration/design protest banners.

After having just done a project looking at Pussy Riot and Guerrilla Girls I already seemed in the mindset to looking at the visual of radical movements. I started off my looking at Russian Constructivism in its layout and typography, specifically the work of Aleksandr Rodchenko. It was thoroughly interesting as the movement of Constructivism really set out a convention for the layout you'd see in most of Russia's political art throughout the decades that came after, even in Pussy Riot's cover art and aesthetic -wether its mocking Russian political propaganda or exists as a reaction to it- you can see the style reside through what they come out with.

I started playing around with the colouring of Rodchenko's iconic poster, to give it a pink/black palette. The idea came as inspiration after looking at the layout of "Shocking Pink" and their use of colour. I also did further research on Guerrilla Girls. We were given a preliminary task to go out to Waterloo and have a look at "everyday uses of graphic design" however I found the task slightly trivial, specifically the location of Waterloo -despite it being the prime example of bombardments of visual communication in adverts and signs- the task was there to give a really basic understanding of the uses of graphic design, however I feel could of been done more stimulatingly with wider examples from a powerpoint, or at least if the purpose was to get out and see it applied in your daily activities...more creative locations could been suggested. I suppose I am being quite biased but I find Waterloo very soul sucking.

Anyway so it came to the lesson where we had to talk in groups of things we felt passionate about in regards to politics and Issues and my group got onto the topic of legalising marijuana so I pursued that topic as my demonstration point. (Surprisingly not many people in my class took to serious topics, the conversation seemed to show more outrage over the new iphone7 not having a headphone jack, Sainsburies taking out their best meal deal offers an waitpeople not seasoning their food enough.)

The idea of "thumbnail sketches" is quite on/off for me, the task was fun and being able to not ponder on small details and move on to another idea was good but constantly unsatisfying.

Finally I took to adobe illustrator to put my designs into effect. Process below:


Finally, we were supposed to shoot the protest banner in 2 location and re-enact a real demonstration, however the lecturer said we didn't have tie and it was raining...so I created my own 2 abstract locations:

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