Week 2: Fashion Design, Promotion / Wearable Art

This week's work has been all about understanding the different routes that could be explored under the fashion pathway - wether that be through Fashion Promotion or Fashion Design. This was undertaken via a short project called "Wearable Art" which involved looking at lots of successful fashion editorials/garment designs that have been inspired by/reference past iconic artworks, then go on to design, create and style a garment based around ones own favourite artwork/art form.

(some examples looked at in the lecture of editorials/projects that have directly referenced iconic artwork)

I got on with this task pretty well as the lecturer was really trying to push students to experiment with alternative ways of fashion design and promotion which really interested me. As we were given short deadline (basically a day as we had spent all the other days either going through presentations over what each fashion pathway offers /warm up tasks in observational drawing/life drawing) having to conceptualise, design, create then style a piece within basically a couple hours clearly put a lot of people out of their comfort zone. For me however, I feel like I work a lot better under these conditions as it forces me to make quick decisions and creative judgments rather than pondering on small little details for too long.

(my moodboard above)

I decided to pursue this "Wearable Art" project inspired by the style and design of DIY feminist/Riot Grrl/girl-gang/feminist zines. Within all the different artwork of the genre, the common theme joins the aesthetic to create something I find visually very admirable, so the first step in creating this final outcome involved putting together a moodboard, which really helped me to be able to understand/present the kind of style I wanted to emulate in my final outcome as just verbally trying to describe to others -and yourself- is so much more difficult when you don't have a visual presentation of this to show (Even though I did this in the Utopia project, I really learned this today, and will definitely value creating a moodboard before undertaking future projects as it seems to work for me.)

After showing my lecturer the theme/genre of art I wanted to use as inspiration for my final outcome and showing him the mood board, he gave me a really wide range of references to look at - which were really relevant. These included:

- Spare Rib

- Shocking pink

- Arvida Bystram

I also decided to look at Petra Collins, Guerrilla Girls and Pussy Riot

(Some 3d paper designs of my initial ideas)

(Research and final


due to my lack of time -despite utilising the DIY style of design as en excuse for rushed details- I do feel like I i could of organised a proper shoot for my final pieces, I could of taken images that presented what I had created using much better lighting and been able to add more little details that would of contributed to the final image. However overall I was happy with my outcome and feel like it has definitely drawn attention to my genuine interest in selecting and designing little pieces for styling in shoots I'd like to direct.

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