Aiwa Laurel D-G (More commonly known as Ava Laurel, or stage name Lava La Rue) is an 18 year old photographer, illustrator and musician based in London. 


Although Ava was illustrating and taking candid pictures of family and friends from a young age most of her works had been kept personal -never being formally taught in the arts had put her off showcasing her work. 

However, after taking on photography at further education, Ava began showcasing projects online - leading her to gain various jobs in commercial/event photography and design. 


In late December 2015, Ava started a side project under the pseudonym “Lava La Rue” -an anagram of her name- which takes extracts of poems written in her personal sketchbooks and presents them over mellow, jazz inspired hip-hop productions.


Despite her works taking various contrasting platforms, Laurel keeps them all intertwined – with recurring themes in youth culture and politics.

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